COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A Democratic state lawmaker is asking the Ohio House speaker to apologize for a joke suggesting President Obama should be jailed — but Republican William Batchelder says he won't take back what he viewed as a light-hearted quip.State Rep. Vernon Sykes, of Akron, blasted the remark as "absolutely deplorable." It was made during a Lincoln Day dinner Saturday hosted by the Summit County Republican Party.Batchelder, of Medina (meh-DY'-nuh), was introducing presidential candidate Rick Santorum to a crowd of about 1,200. He suggested Obama shouldn't be re-elected: "The liberals are asking us to give Obama more time. And I think 25-to-life would be a good start."Sykes called it disrespectful to Obama and his office.Batchelder said he borrowed the joke from comedian Jay Leno and meant no disrespect.