Report: Obama Met With Romney Advisers to Discuss Health Care Reform Staff

10/11/2011 12:13:00 PM - Staff

Though presidential candidate Mitt Romney shuns the term “Romney-care,” White House records show his top advisers helped the president draft the federal health care law, according to NBC News.

President Obama cited the health care law that Romney enacted as governor of Massachusetts as an inspiration for the Affordable Care Act, which passed in March 2010. But Romney discounted any association with Obama’s plan when he began campaigning in April.

“He does me the great favor of saying that I was the inspiration of his plan,” Romney has said of Obama. “If that’s the case, why didn’t you call me?”

Obama may never have spoken directly with Romney, but visitor records show he spoke with three of Romney’s health care advisers, who records show met with White House officials a dozen times, including once with the president in the Oval Office.