In a momentous meeting of female Tea Party power, Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell were scheduled to appear together at a “Restoring America” Tea Party rally this weekend outside Des Moines, Iowa. But after O’Donnell was invited, dis-invited, and then re-invited, Sarah Palin is now deciding that she might just not want to go either. The occasion, other than being a nice time for the two like-minded ladies to catch up, was being watched closely for signs that Palin might be building a presidential campaign. If that’s the case, she’s off to a rocky start, as the rally seems to be turning into quite the fiasco. Those of you who have not yet booked your tickets to Des Moines for the weekend are probably best holding off.

The original plan was to have O’Donnell — who has been busy of late doing publicity for her book — warm the stage for headliner Mama Grizzly. “We’re just kind of loading up the bases, aren’t we,” said Ken Crow, president of the Tea Party of America and one of the event’s organizers, at the time. Perhaps the load was a bit too much.