Rep. Anthony Weiner Plans to Resign, The New York Times Reports Staff

6/16/2011 10:10:00 AM - Staff
Editor's note: This piece is co-authored by Billy House Rep. Anthony Weiner, the embattled New York Democrat whose online “sextual” escapades spawned an odd and a drawn out Washington political scandal, plans to resign his House seat after nearly two weeks of painfully trying to resist the mounting calls for him to step aside that drew in even President Obama, The New York Times reports. Weiner, who represented part of Brooklyn and Queens in New York City, was a hero to many liberals and a ubiquitous presence on cable TV, loudly and defiantly defending the values and positions of the political left. For the last two weeks, however he has been dealing with a crisis born out of revelations about his tragic-comic obsession with sexting that drove him to send lewd pictures of himself and engage in sexual banter with women on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.