This 2005 photo provided by Michele Bachmann shows then-state Sen. Michele Bachmann as she poses with her state permit to carry a concealed weapon nestled in a folded U.S. flag at her office in the Minnesota Capitol in St. Paul. In Bachmann's quick rise from state lawmaker to unofficial tea party ambassador in Washington, her brazen style has kept Republican leaders on edge and appealed to those in the GOP searching for a fresh, unfettered voice. (AP Photo/Via Sen. Michele Bachmann) The Associated PressWASHINGTON (AP) — Congresswoman Michele Bachmann says she won't be actively running for re-election while she's seeking the GOP nomination for president, but the 2012 political calendar makes it easy for her to change her mind.On Monday night, Bachmann announced she was running for president had her campaign said she was no longer actively seeking re-election in Minnesota's 6th Congressional District.The June 5, 2012, deadline falls well after the key early presidential nominating contests in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina; but it's before the Republican National Convention in Florida in August.If she stumbles in the primaries, state law would allow her to discontinue her presidential campaign and file for re-election to the House by the deadline. That could discourage other Minnesota candidates.