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AP News - Apr 15, 2015 6:06 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) — More cancer patients are getting the genes in their tumors mapped to help guide their treatment. New research suggests that isn't always accurate enough, and a second test could help ferret out the culprit genes.Cancer involves ...more

AP News - Apr 15, 2015 2:10 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) — Citing significant gains in fighting the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, President Obama declared Wednesday that the international goal now is to prevent any new cases of the deadly virus in the afflicted region."We've seen majo ...more

AP News - Apr 14, 2015 2:15 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) — Those lost car keys that were an annoyance in your 30s can spark major anxiety in your 60s. Turns out it's pretty normal: The brain ages just like the rest of your body, says a new report that urges Americans to take steps to keep sha ...more

AP News - Apr 14, 2015 2:09 PM

NEW YORK (AP) — Rita Wilson is recovering after undergoing a bilateral mastectomy for breast cancer.The 58-year-old actress and singer, who had been appearing in Larry David's play "Fish in the Dark" on Broadway, will return May 5, according to ...more

AP News - Apr 14, 2015 1:23 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) — The shrinking space on airplanes is surely uncomfortable but it might also be dangerous for passengers' health and safety.Planes are filled with more passengers than ever before, fliers are older and heavier and tall travelers ...more

AP News - Apr 14, 2015 12:56 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal health advisers say labels on AstraZeneca's Onglyza and another related diabetes drug should carry new information about a possible association with heart failure and death.The Food and Drug Administration's panel of di ...more

AP News - Apr 14, 2015 12:32 PM

CHICAGO (AP) — Diabetes that develops early in pregnancy may increase women's chances of having a child with autism, according to a new study.The risk was seen in young children whose mothers were diagnosed with diabetes during the most crucial ...more

AP News - Apr 14, 2015 12:04 AM

Some figures on prescription medicine spending trends:U.S. PRESCRIPTION SPENDING, 2014: $373.9 billionU.S. PRESCRIPTION SPENDING, 2013: $330.5 billionU.S. PRESCRIPTIONS DISPENSED, 2014: 4.33 billionU.S. PRESCRIPTIONS DISPENS ...more

AP News - Apr 14, 2015 12:02 AM

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — U.S. spending on prescription drugs soared by 13 percent last year to $374 billion.The increase was driven primarily by costly breakthrough medicines, price hikes and a surge from millions of people newly insured under the A ...more

AP News - Apr 13, 2015 6:41 PM

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Federal health officials say 106 passengers and six crewmembers aboard the Celebrity Infinity cruise ship were sickened by the gastrointestinal illness norovirus.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says an environment ...more