New Nobel laureate Transtromer's work out of stock

AP News

10/6/2011 6:07:04 PM - AP News

If you're looking to buy the poetry of the new Nobel laureate, Sweden's Tomas Transtromer, you'll probably have to wait.

Most laureates enjoy at least a brief sales bump, but copies of "The Great Enigma," "The Half-Finished Heaven" and other collections were out of stock Thursday for at least a week at and other stores. And none of his work is likely to be available as an e-book soon. Most poetry cannot be downloaded onto the Kindle or other devices because of formatting problems

The work of the 80-year-old Transtromer has been released by several U.S. publishers and reissues are planned. Farrar, Straus & Giroux announced Thursday that it had acquired a 2006 collection, "The Deleted World," and would have it out before Christmas.