The Dow Jones industrial average has evolved continually since it was introduced in 1896. The original 12 "smokestack" companies included names like American Cotton Oil, Tennessee Coal & Iron, National Lead and U.S. Rubber.

Here are the most recent changes made to the 30 components of the Dow:

_ June 8, 2009: Ailing Citigroup and bankrupt General Motors are removed from the Dow. Travelers, a major insurer, and Cisco Systems replace them.

_ Sept. 22, 2008: American International Group is removed during the financial crisis. Kraft Foods replaces it.

_ Feb. 19, 2008: Altria Group and Honeywell International are removed and replaced by Bank of America and Chevron.

_ Nov. 21, 2005: SBC Communications, a Dow member, changes its name to AT&T Inc. after acquiring the rival phone company.

_ April 8, 2004: AT&T, Eastman Kodak and International Paper are removed. AIG, Pfizer and Verizon Communications are added.


Source: Dow Jones Indexes.