At a glance: Newbies to Forbes billionaire list

AP News

3/7/2012 5:54:25 PM - AP News

Forbes magazine added 128 new people to its list of the world's billionaires. Of these newcomers, 38 inherited their fortunes and 90 made their own. Here are a few of the newest members to the elite club:

_Sara Blakely, 41, creator of the popular slimming undergarment Spanx who is worth $1 billion.

_Elon Musk, 40, co-founder of Paypal and electric car company Tesla who is worth $2 billion.

_Paul Singer, 67, hedge fund manager and founder of AUM Elliott Management, which specializes in distressed debt investments; worth $1 billion.

_Kevin Plank, 39, founder of athletic shoe and clothing company Under Armour Inc. and worth $1.1 billion.

_Shahid Khan, 62, who made his fortune in auto parts and bought the Jacksonville Jaguars to become the NFL's first minority immigrant team owner. Khan is worth an estimated $2.5 billion.

_Laurene Powell Jobs, 48, who inherited her husband Steve Job's fortune, which is largely in living trusts. She is worth an estimated $9 billion.