NAME: Michael Lawrence Mayo.

AGE: 48. Born March 7, 1963, in Baltimore, Maryland.

EDUCATION: University of Maryland, B.S., 1985; George Washington, MBA 1987.

FAMILY: Wife, Jacqueline, a physician, and children 11, 9, and 5.

FAVORITE PHILOSOPHER: His barber, Avi, who has been cutting his hair since his wedding day in 1992. "A little bit is more than nothing" is one of Avi's sage pronouncements.

CAREER: IBM 1985-1987; Federal Reserve, Washington, D.C. (1988-1992); UBS (1992-1994); Lehman Brothers (1994-1997); Credit Suisse (1997-2001); Prudential Securities (2001-2007); Deutsche Bank (2007-2009); Credit Agricole Securities (2009-present)

WHAT HE'S READING: "The Great Depression: A Diary," by Benjamin Roth.

KNOWN AS: Math wonk. Won 3rd grade math multiplication contest. The prize was a chocolate Easter bunny.

MORE MATH: Gave his future wife Jackie a math problem on one of their first dates. It involved a spider's journey on a web. Jackie stayed with him nonetheless.

DE-STRESS TACTIC: Pull-ups. Can do 35 consecutively and 150 in an hour. Used to do as many as 200 push-ups at a time when stress level got high. Changed to pull-ups after push-ups started causing him neck pain.

BREAKFAST: 10 egg-white omelette with grilled onions.

HIGH SCHOOL JOB: Parked cars at a funeral home.

RECENT CONCERTS: Rihanna, Glee Live, Deep Purple, Christina Aguilera, Bruce Springsteen.

UPSIDE FROM BEING FIRED IN 2000: Took his newborn daughter, Lily, to "mommy and me" classes. Almost always the only dad in the class, he would sing his heart out with fellow moms and nannies: "Hands On, Hands On, we all sing together. Hands On, Hands On, we'll have some fun today."

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