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Cruz does a 'Scarface' impression over the Iran nuclear deal
David Siegel - 1 hour ago

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz tried out his best Tony Montana impersonation this week in an effort to illustrate his staunch rejection of the Iran nuclear deal.

Senior commerce official let family members download porn on gov’t computers
Elizabeth Harrington - 1 hour ago

A senior official at the Department of Commerce obtained seven computers and iPads from the government, some of which were then used by family members to watch porn, according to an investigation by the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

WaPo Poll: Majority of Women Have Unfavorable Opinion of Hillary Clinton
Mark Hemingway - 1 hour ago

The poll undercuts one of the main arguments for her candidacy -- electing the first woman president would excite female voters.

Cheney: 'I doubt' Clinton would 'be allowed' to run if a Republican
Al Weaver - 1 hour ago

Would Hillary Clinton be able to run in 2016 if she were a Republican? Dick Cheney sure doesn't think so.

OPM Hack Victims Could Wait Up to Four Months to Be Notified of Impact
Morgan Chalfant - 1 hour ago

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) on Tuesday selected a contractor to provide identity theft protection to the 22.1 million Americans affected by the cyber attack on its computer systems two months after the Obama administration acknowledged the breach.

Thousands Take to New York Streets to Protest Iran Deal
Natalie Johnson - 1 hour ago

Thousands of protesters poured into Manhattan Tuesday evening to demand Congress vote against the Iran nuclear agreement outside of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s New York office....

Greg Gutfeld Challenges Obama to Name a ‘Mountain’ – Let’s Just Say It’s a More Disturbing One
Chris Enloe - 1 hour ago

"In an act of wonderfully skewed priorities..."

Pentagon Confirms Islamic State Use of Chemical Arms
Bill Gertz - 1 hour ago

Defense intelligence agencies have confirmed that Islamic State terrorists have used chemical weapons in attacks in Iraq and Syria, according to defense officials.

Exonerated student goes on the offensive against SDSU and his rape accuser
The College Fix - 1 hour ago

Evidence against him didn't even meet low 'preponderance' standard.

Trump Warns: Iran Deal May Require U.S. Come To Aide Of Iran If Attacked By Israel
RealClearPolitics Video Log - 1 hour ago

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump talks the Iran deal with CNN's Don Lemon on Tuesday's broadcast of CNN Tonight: