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UC-Irvine welcomes ‘political prisoner’ involved in cop killings
Dave Huber - 6 hours ago

Sekou Odinga participated in infamous robbery in which two police officers died.

Chris Matthews: Ted Cruz Has ‘Darkness’ in Him, ‘Operates Below the Level of Human Life’
David Rutz - 6 hours ago

MSNBC host Chris Matthews has been forced to apologize in the past for using loaded language about Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas), and his true feelings for the candidate were on full display again during a Morning Joe appearance Wednesday.

Sharpton, Sanders dine at Harlem restaurant
FOX News - 6 hours ago

The Rev. Al Sharpton says he met one-on-one with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders Wednesday at a Harlem landmark, where they discussed issues that affect the African-American community around the country.

Scarborough: Cruz Appeals To Conservatives Who Have Been Betrayed By The Establishment For Decades
RealClearPolitics Video Log - 6 hours ago

Joe Scarborough explains the appeal of Ted Cruz to Chris Matthews, who called the Republican presidential candidate "menacing" and said he "operates below the level of human life."

GOP Senator to Introduce Legislation Barring Women From the Draft
Morgan Chalfant - 6 hours ago

A Republican senator is responding to the recent debate about women and the draft by planning legislation that would bar women from registering for the Selective Service.

Congress to Pave Way for Divestment From Anti-Israel Companies
Adam Kredo - 6 hours ago

A bipartisan collation in both the House and Senate are pushing legislation that would authorize all state and local governments to divest taxpayer funds from any company that engages in boycotts of Israel, according to multiple interviews with lawmakers and a copy of the bill obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Hollywood spoofs Trump in 'Funny or Die' movie
Gregory Krieg - 6 hours ago

Johnny Depp is no stranger to outlandish film roles, but he has never tried his hand -- or hair -- at newly crowned New Hampshire GOP primary winner Donald Trump.

CNN: Clinton Got ‘Destroyed’ in New Hampshire and It Is ‘Painful’
Jenna Lifhits - 6 hours ago

Hillary Clinton’s poor showing with almost every demographic group in New Hampshire could be a result of her reputation as untrustworthy and frigid, CNN reported on Wednesday.

Bernie Sanders on The View: "Disappointed" In Bill Clinton, New Hampshire Victory, Plays Basketball
RealClearPolitics Video Log - 6 hours ago

Bernie Sanders appeared on ABC's The View Wednesday morning following his decisive victory in the New Hampshire Democratic primary.

Senate committee backs nominee for OPM director after breach
FOX News - 6 hours ago

A Senate committee is backing President Barack Obama's nominee to head the Office of Personnel Management.