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Sanders: "More Than A Few Republicans" Are Supporting My Campaign
RealClearPolitics Video Log - 3 hours ago

BERNIE SANDERS: There are more than a few Republicans for Bernie Sanders out there. Don't be surprised if we do well with a number of Republicans.

Hillary Surrogate Claire McCaskill Commends Bernie Sanders For "Evolving" Gun Control Position
RealClearPolitics Video Log - 3 hours ago

SEN. CLAIRE MCCASKILL: I'm glad Bernie has evolved his position on guns. Bernie now is four-square about what we need to do, this is somebody who voted against the Brady Bill...

Left Wing Journalist Glenn Greenwald Drops the Hammer on Obama for Doctors Without Borders Bombing
Michael Hausam - 3 hours ago

On CNN, Greenwald goes off.

When Ben Carson was held up at gunpoint
Kelly Cohen - 3 hours ago

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson described a time where he was held at gunpoint.

Mark Halperin: After Speaking With Regular People, I Now Understand Ben Carson's Appeal
RealClearPolitics Video Log - 3 hours ago

Bloomberg's Mark Halperin said a recent focus group he conducted with undecided Republican primary voters in New Hampshire and Iowa where Ben Carson received a tremendous amount of support and praise was enlightening for him and he now understands the presidential candidate's appeal to the electorate. Halperin appeared on Thursday's edition of Morning Joe to discuss the focus groups he and his Bloomberg Politics colleague John Heilemann held with Republican and Democratic primary voters in the first in the nation states. Morning Joe contributor Mika Brzezinski was shocked and left nearly speechless by the response of the focus group making her realize the show has had a "blind spot" to Ben Carson. "Well, we've got a lot to learn," Brzezinski said. "We didn't cherry pick just the positive stuff," Halperin said about the adoration for Carson in the focus group. "Iowa and New Hampshire, undecided Republicans, you saw there, the gap between what they say about Ben Carson and what people in New York and Washington think is massive." "The fact that they, the Iowa group, everyone in the Iowa group liked what he said on Meet The Press to Chuck [Todd] about a Muslim being president and 7 of the 11 people, in New Hampshire, a more secular state." "We've talked a lot here about not understanding Ben Carson's appeal. I understand it after those two focus groups than I ever had," Halperin said. "This is where I think -- whether it's willful or subconscious -- I feel like

Chaffetz asks colleagues for House reform ideas
Lauren French - 3 hours ago

Chaffetz described his plan as an “inclusive approach.”

GOP hammers feds for spending on media spin, 'messaging'
Pete Kasperowicz - 3 hours ago

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., is demanding who know how much money the Obama administration spent in fiscal year 2015 on publicity, media relations and attempts to improve their "messaging" to the press.

Bloomberg Focus Group: Undecided NH, Iowa Republicans Believe Ben Carson Can Be President
RealClearPolitics Video Log - 3 hours ago

MSNBC: Undecided GOP voters are responding positively to Ben Carson's demeanor and ideas, according to a new Bloomberg focus group. Mark Halperin discusses.

Why We Should Have a Debate on Birthright Citizenship
Rep. Lamar Smith - 3 hours ago

The recent national debate about the impact of illegal immigration on America is needed and welcomed. Each year, 10 percent of all births or almost...

Police: Carjacking suspect may be still inside Fort Meade
Jacqueline Klimas - 3 hours ago

An Army base in Maryland is operating at a reduced status Thursday morning while local police search for a carjacking suspect believed to be on the base.