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Obama defends Arctic drilling
Zack Colman - 9 hours ago

President Obama rejected claims on Thursday that his administration's conditional approval of Arctic drilling means he isn't serious about addressing climate change.

Feds Spend $579,301 on Video Game to Teach College Students About Rape
Elizabeth Harrington - 9 hours ago

The Department of Justice is spending more than a half a million dollars to create a video game that teaches college students about sexual assault prevention. The National Institute of Justice awarded a grant to the University of New Hampshire last year to create a game targeting college-aged males that can be played online and on smartphones. “We expect that by delivering a prevention strategy to men in an online application, a format that they use daily, male participants will report increased attention to the message,” the grant said.

Ann Coulter Makes a Claim About Immigration that Few People Know About
Shawn Bevans - 9 hours ago

The numbers are clearly up for debate...

After Fighting For $15 Minimum Wage, L.A. Unions Realized They’d Made A Huge Mistake
B. Christopher Agee - 9 hours ago

Their most recent move has been panned by conservatives and liberals alike.

Obama visits holy site for Cuban Americans
Jordan Fabian - 9 hours ago

The president briefly stopped by the Shrine of Our Lady of Charity.

Complaint: Tea-Party-targeting DOJ attorneys now work for White House, no taxpayer safeguards in place
Barbara Boland - 9 hours ago

Tax Division attorneys from the Department of Justice, some of whom worked directly on the IRS' illegal targeting of Tea Party groups, are now giving legal advice to the White House with no safeguards to prevent the abuse of private taxpayer information, says a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court of D.C. by a watchdog group.

State: We can't deny Iran nuclear cooperation with North Korea; it won't stop nuke deal
Barbara Boland - 9 hours ago

The State Department won't deny that Iran is cooperating with North Korea on its nuclear program, and said during the press conference Thursday that even if the two nations are cooperating it would not hinder a nuclear deal between the U.S. and Iran.

Santorum 'sickened' by Duggar molestation allegation
Ariel Cohen - 10 hours ago

Unlike fellow social conservative Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum didn't exactly leap to Josh Duggar's defense Thursday.

U.S. judge grills lawyer defending Obama's healthcare law changes
Lindsay Dunsmuir - 10 hours ago

A U.S. judge on Thursday blasted the Obama administration's motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives over the implementation of the Democratic president's signature healthcare law.

Usually When a Website is Broken You Get a 404 Message – But These 2016ers Are Doing it Differently
Joe Perticone - 10 hours ago

"for convenience..."