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Clinton to do 1st national TV interview with CNN in Iowa
Eric Bradner - 2 hours ago

Hillary Clinton is scrapping for votes in the heart of Bernie Sanders country.

Vietnam Communist Party chief to visit Obama at White House
Associated Press - 2 hours ago

The head of Vietnam's Communist Party is heading to the White House on Tuesday for meetings with President Obama and other top officials.

Nancy Reagan celebrates 94th birthday
FOX News - 2 hours ago

Former first lady Nancy Reagan on Monday celebrated her 94th birthday.

Bernie Sanders: Guns In Vermont Are Not The Same As Guns In Chicago Or Los Angeles
RealClearPolitics Video Log - 2 hours ago

BERNIE SANDERS, VERMONT SENATOR: I come from a state where there is virtually no gun control. But the people of my state understand, pretty clearly, that guns in Vermont are not the same thing as guns in Chicago or Los Angeles.

DNC hires East Village fire ‘selfie’ tourist as new spokesperson
Alana Goodman - 2 hours ago

A New York City tourist who sparked national outrage after taking a smiling "selfie" in front of the rubble of the deadly East Village inferno in March is now working as a spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee and criticizing GOP candidates for their social media output.

"No" vote leads in Greece referendum - Politics - 2 hours ago

Natalie Vagioni discusses Greek prime minister's "no" vote victory for country's democracy.

U.S., allies step up strikes on ISIS - Politics - 2 hours ago

The U.S. and its allies have launched waves of new airstrikes against ISIS but at the same time ISIS has recaptured a key town from Kurdish forces. CNN's Barbara Starr reports.

What an Iran nuke deal must never do
David Scott - 2 hours ago

The deadline for an agreement on Iran's nuclear program is rapidly approaching.

Undocumented immigrants are reportedly helping build Donald Trump's new luxury hotel
Colin Campbell - 2 hours ago

A new report in The Washington Post suggests that undocumented immigrants are working on one of Donald Trump's signature real-estate projects.

John McCain: Obama's ISIS strategy 'classic example of delusion'
Kelly Cohen - 2 hours ago

President Obama failed in his promise to remove the U.S. military from the Middle East, in addition to poorly leading in the fight against the Islamic State, according to Sen. John McCain.