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TPP deal could lose some Republican votes: Senate Finance chair
Reuters: Politics - 20 mins ago

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement could lose "quite a few" Republican votes in Congress, the U.S. Senate Finance Committee chairman said on Tuesday, adding that the level of concern over the deal was high among conservative lawmakers.

Roughly 6,000 federal inmates to be released
Wesley Bruer - 21 mins ago

Roughly 6,000 federal inmates will be released at the end of the month, the largest one-time release of federal prisoners, the Bureau of Prisons said Tuesday.

Oregon Shooter Leaves Behind Rant Suggesting ‘Pathetic’ Reason for Killing Spree
Kyle Becker - 21 mins ago

"Other people think I'm crazy, but I'm not, I'm the"...

Rand Paul Backs International Investigation of U.S. Military
Alana Goodman - 21 mins ago

Rand Paul backed calls for an international investigation of the U.S. military after American forces inadvertently bombed an Afghan hospital over the weekend.

White House: Obama's Oregon trip will 'not be about politics'
Nicole Duran - 22 mins ago

President Obama's Friday trip to Roseburg, Ore., will "not be about politics," and instead is designed to let Obama spend time with the families of those who were killed during last week's shooting at a community college, a White House spokesman said on Tuesday.

Russia threatens energy security: Moniz
John Siciliano - 2 hours ago

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said Tuesday that Russia is a threat to global energy stability, saying that last week's intervention by the country in Syria threatened to raise energy prices and cause supply disruptions.

3 Reasons Why Social Security’s Shortfall Could Actually Be $2.6 Trillion Greater Than Expected
Rachel Greszler - 2 hours ago

The Social Security Advisory Board’s Technical Panel concluded that the Social Security Trustees’ “assumptions and methodologies are basically sound.” But these “basically sound” assumptions understate...

‘Daily Show’ Host Trevor Noah Rips Into Pro-Lifers Over Gun Control
Kelsey Rupp - 2 hours ago

"If pro-lifers would redirect their powers toward"...

Students Overhear Some Chilling Words, Things Could Have Been Deadly If They Didn’t Act
Jack Davis - 2 hours ago

Detailed plans that included...

Can Hillary Afford to Skip an Early Primary State? Clinton Camp Split Over Strategy in New Hampshire
Katrina Jorgensen - 2 hours ago

"I look at New Hampshire and I say, 'um, yeah, whatever.'"