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Young Sanders Supporter: ‘Obviously the Free College Aspect Is Awesome’
David Rutz - 8 hours ago

A young New Hampshire supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) named Grace explained her support for the Democratic socialist Tuesday, saying “obviously the free college aspect is awesome.”

Israel’s Labor Party Votes to Disengage from Palestinian Negotiations
Abraham Rabinovich - 8 hours ago

JERUSALEM—Israel’s Labor Party, traditional flag bearer in Israel of the two-state solution for its conflict with the Palestinians, veered in a new direction this week when it adopted a controversial platform proposed by party leader Yaacov Herzog.

Yellen faces tough sell on Fed rate hikes in Congress
Reuters: Politics - 8 hours ago

WASHINGTON/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen will defend the U.S. central bank's first rate hike in a decade and likely insist that further rises this year remain on track, albeit at a slower pace, when she addresses Congress on Wednesday.

Russ Feingold Abruptly Stops Himself From Saying He Supports Single-Payer Health Care
Joe Schoffstall - 8 hours ago

Wisconsin Democratic Senate candidate Russ Feingold appeared at Marquette Law School recently and said that as talks of the Affordable Care Act were underway, he and Bernie Sanders were holding off for an even stronger bill that contained a single-payer health care option before catching himself and quickly shifting his answer to “public option.”

Obamacare architect’s textbook is the most expensive one at UC-Berkeley
Greg Piper - 8 hours ago

From the moment the book drains your bank account, 'UC Berkeley has begun teaching you about public economics.'

Here's the $4.1 trillion budget proposal Obama just sent to Congress
Amanda Macias - 9 hours ago

President Obama's eighth and final $4 trillion-plus budget proposal will be sent to a Republican-controlled Congress on Tuesday.

Israeli Security Officials Say Thousands of Gazans Coming Over Border Fence to Find Work
Abraham Rabinovich - 9 hours ago

JERUSALEM—While Israel’s attention is currently focused on the danger of tunnels being built by Hamas in the Gaza Strip that possibly extend under the border fence into Israel, security officials are warning about the possibility of thousands of Gazans coming over the top of the border fence in an attempt to find work in Israel.

Pennsylvania $2 billion budget gap is 'time bomb': governor
Reuters: Politics - 9 hours ago

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Pennsylvania's $2 billion budget deficit is a "time bomb" that could cause "fiscal catastrophe the likes of which we have never seen" if it is not resolved, Governor Tom Wolf said in his budget address to lawmakers on Tuesday.

The New Hampshire expectations game
FOX News - 9 hours ago

New Hampshire will be the start or the end to each candidate's campaign future.

Pentagon seeks funding for Libya, Africa military operations
FOX News - 9 hours ago

The Pentagon is seeking $200 million in the 2017 budget for counterterrorism operations in Libya and other portions of North and West Africa, as the Islamic State threat in that region continues to grow.