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The party was already underway in Berlin, though there were a couple of nervous moments before the revelers could really let themselves go.Mario Goetze had just struck late in extra-time for Germany, scoring the lone goal against Argentina in th ...more

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KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. (AP) — A fast-growing wildfire in southern Oregon has destroyed homes and forced dozens of evacuations, officials said.The blaze erupted near Sprague River around 2 p.m. PDT Sunday and had mushroomed to about 4 ½ square miles ...more

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JERUSALEM (AP) — The Israeli military said it downed a drone on Monday along the country's southern coastline, the first time it encountered an unmanned aircraft since the campaign against Gaza Strip militants began last week.The drone was launc ...more

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HORONOBE, Japan (AP) — Reindeer farms and grazing Holstein cows dot a vast stretch of rolling green pasture here on Japan's northern tip. Underground it's a different story.Workers and scientists have carved a sprawling laboratory deep below thi ...more

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SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Another day, another defiant weapons test from North Korea.A day after launching two ballistic missiles from a base near the border with archrival South Korea, Pyongyang on Monday fired a barrage of artillery shells int ...more

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WASHINGTON (AP) — For a year, The Associated Press has been tracking movements and machinations of more than a dozen prospective presidential candidates. Here's the latest presidential prep checklist:NONDENIAL DENIAL: Cagey words that cloak pres ...more

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PRAGUE (AP) — The Czech Defense Ministry has signed a deal to deliver 14 military airplanes to the United States in an $11 million deal.According to the deal signed Monday, Czech plane maker Aero Vodochody will take the subsonic L-159 military p ...more

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BRUSSELS (AP) — The incoming leader of Europe's most powerful bureaucracy is a master of the backroom deal — and an outspoken and witty career politician who once advocated the right to lie in times of crisis.Jean-Claude Juncker, who was prime m ...more

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BEIJING (AP) — Chinese authorities have indicted British and American investigators hired by GlaxoSmithKline on charges of illegally obtaining and selling private information, state media reported Monday, as the Briton blamed the pharmaceutical company ...more

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PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Police on Sunday praised a dispatcher and crisis negotiator for persuading a gunman to surrender after he allegedly shot and killed three people in a Southern California neighborhood, wounded two others and fired on officers.</p ...more