Dear Reader,

For the past seven years, we’ve strived to bring you great print journalism and analysis through Townhall Magazine every month. We’ve covered everything from politics and public policy to the media and a troubled culture. We’ve tried to cover the issues that matter to conservative readers.

I hope you share my belief that Townhall Magazine has fought hard for the values we share, but the realities of publishing a print publication have forced us to make an agonizing decision. After thoughtful consideration, we’ve decided to suspend the publication of our print magazine. The last issue of Townhall Magazine will be January 2015, with the exclusive interview of potential presidential candidate Rand Paul by Erick Erickson.

To promote the magazine, we’ve offered conservative books as circulation promotions. We’ve got quite a large inventory and we’re going to unload at rock-bottom prices. All of the books are now available for $4.99. Please go to Townhall Media Store if you’re interested. for our loyal townhall magazine subscribers, we hope you continue to read and support our online effort at on the web for free. for questions about townhall magazine, you can reach the circulation department at 1-800-527-5226, monday–friday, 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. et, excluding holidays.

Thank you for your business and loyalty over the years and for years to come. Sincerely,

~ Jonathan Garthwaite