Zachary Gappa

Posted January 12, 2016

There is a new theme emerging in the media: an explicit attempt to normalize abortion to a degree we haven't seen before.

Posted December 09, 2015

Republicans in Congress made a statement this week. They passed legislation that would defund Planned Parenthood for a year and overturn several large portions of Obamacare.

Posted November 11, 2015

By now theres a good chance youve heard of the disturbing study from Princeton economists showing that middle-aged white Americans are the only demographic showing increasing death rates.

Posted October 14, 2015

Bernie Sanders spoke to Liberty University a few weeks back, presenting himself and his convictions boldly and honestly, and in response, a Liberty alumnus and evangelical pastor "Tim" gave a rather impassioned speech about how his conservative Christian beliefs were now obliging him to vote for Bernie, because Bernie cares for the poor, the needy, and the weak

Posted September 16, 2015

More scientific progress? In the wake of news videos about slicing up and testing the remains of aborted babies, leave it to leading scientific researchers to continue to push the envelope.

Posted August 20, 2015

For generations it's been easy to live as a Christian in America. We have lived in a culture that largely assumed and supported Christianity or at least Christian moral principles.

Posted July 22, 2015

Much has been written since Tuesdays breaking story on Planned Parenthood's selling of fetal tissue from abortions. Not surprisingly, mainstream media outlets were slow to pick up the story, and many of them largely parroted the Planned Parenthood defense when writing their stories. The video caused quite the stir on social media, amassing countless shares and 2.4 million views on YouTube as of Tuesday. Interestingly, nearly all responses from the left and some from the right seem to miss the real reason for this impact. It is not so much that Planned Parenthood is doing something illegal or secretive (though it may well be violating multiple laws). It's that this particular story brings into vivid relief the reality of what Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers do on a daily basis.

Posted June 25, 2015

Its a Hallmark holiday, but Fathers Day was a chance to reflect a bit on our children and their future. As a father of one son (and soon to be two), I am a member of a shrinking subset in modern America. Increasingly, many people like me aren't getting married, some aren't having children at all, and many of those who do eventually marry and have children are doing so much later in life. There are many reasons for these trends, but one ideological reason stands out: we millennials seem to be embracing a complete redefinition of both our families and ourselves around the concept of Identity. I fear this will present great challenges for my generation's children

Posted May 29, 2015

Young students obsessed with "triggers" and safety need to take time for some serious self-reflection, writes Peggy Noonan in a witty and slightly-acerbic Wall Street Journal column.

Posted March 26, 2015

Home is where no one is. That seems to be the modern trend. City dwellers lead hectic lives, our suburbs are bedroom communities, and the talent of the next generation is quickly fleeing small rural towns.

Posted February 25, 2015

The Dutch are killing themselves more than ever, but they feel OK about it.

Posted January 28, 2015

President Obamas State of the Union address was predictable for a President nearing the end of his second term.

Posted December 31, 2014

This new year I beg people to take some time to learn more about bioethics. The stakes are high. Our definitions of life, death, and human dignity are up for grabs, so we must not abdicate our moral duty to be informed about such weighty matters.

Posted December 31, 2014

New Years Resolutions tend towards the personal: lose weight, take up a hobby, spend more time with the family, get up earlier, read great books, etc. But this new year I beg people to take some time to learn more about bioethics.

Posted December 03, 2014

What could be more American than hard work?

Posted November 09, 2014

Christianity Today's online magazine Parse recently posited that the rise of the automobile laid the groundwork for the modern mega church. It's a recommended read that gets to the crux of a problem in modern Christianity a problem that cars only amplified: our self-centeredness.

Posted October 10, 2014

There is an unfortunate trend in modern higher education that goes against conservative and progressive ideals alike.

Posted September 11, 2014

There have been countless recent articles analyzing the millennial generation and its distinctive characteristics, but too many are ignoring an upcoming conflict that could define the generation: the aging baby boomers are going to be a big problem for millennials and their parents in the coming decades. In the U.S., the baby boomers are nearing the end of their lives while birth rates are simultaneously decreasing. With people living longer than ever and needing evermore costly end-of-life medical procedures, we are looking at an incredibly difficult next few decades for the younger generations. It's hard to see any alternative to a future of generational strife.

Posted August 29, 2014

Maclean's recently featured a compelling summary of our rapidly-deteriorating communities titled "The End of Neighbours." The expertly-written piece by Brian Bethune is one of the better articles you'll read this year, and it gets at a key tragedy that is particularly convicting for a Christian conservative: We have forsaken our neighbors.

Posted August 14, 2014

?After spending years in a densely-populated part of Virginia, I have now lived in a small town in my home state of Wisconsin for the past four years. It's a location I didn't expect to find myself in, and honestly it's taken quite some time to acclimate. The town leans heavily towards both the farm community and a blue-collar manufacturing and trucking segment. It's no idyllic Andy Griffith small town (I doubt those really exist), but it is certainly a town where most people know each other, and I've been struck by the level of community involvement in this small part of America.