W. Thomas Smith, Jr

Posted April 20, 2008

[Today marks one of the most important anniversaries in our nation’s history. Following is what I had to say about it three years ago at World Defense Review, and it is just as relevant today.]

Posted April 06, 2008

In the summer of 1968, 31-year-old U.S. Navy Lt. Commander John S. McCain III – a prisoner of war in a North Vietnamese POW camp – was offered by his captors a chance to go home.

Posted March 18, 2008

Analysts with MI6, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, believe an elite force of Hamas fighters in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon will launch a coordinated attack against Israel within a few months, says author and espionage expert Gordon Thomas.

Posted February 19, 2008

For once, a major Western media outlet did the right thing by admitting its complicity in what is becoming a trend toward soft-soaping terrorists and their activities.

Posted February 03, 2008

Hezbollah has been pushing for the legitimate Lebanese army and police to fall on their swords since the rioting ended last week.

Posted January 28, 2008

No wonder Hezbollah was able to fight tooth-to-eyeball the way it did against the Israeli Army back in the summer of 2006.

Posted December 26, 2007

We are today fighting a global, asymmetrical war against terrorism: The battles are not as dramatic as that which unfolded off Trafalgar, but they are every bit as deadly. So what constitutes our duty?

Posted December 14, 2007

In the midst of the media circus surrounding my reporting, one of my strongest sources while I was in Lebanon, Gen. Francois Hajj, was assassinated Wednesday.

Posted November 26, 2007

Lebanon is a “wild place,” so-said a counterterrorism expert in a personal conversation with me days before former Lebanese president Emile Lahoud stepped down and declared the army in charge of that troubled state, last week.

Posted October 26, 2007

Lebanon – one of the most critical fronts in the war on terror – is on the brink of a full-blown shooting war. Few Americans living or traveling outside of that country seem to have any prescient understanding of this.

Posted June 11, 2007

The advice I am about to give you is the same as I’ve always given in the sense that it is freely given from an uncle and a godfather who truly loves you like a son.

Posted May 29, 2007

This Memorial Day week – I say week, because Monday was MD observed, Wednesday is MD actual – we remember lives lost in all of America’s wars since 1775. But I personally feel it is especially important to remember the most recent losses.

Posted April 26, 2007

The Virginia Tech massacre has spawned countless questions: Everything from why would student Cho Seung-hui gun down 32 fellow human beings, to why was campus security not able to prevent him from committing the deadliest mass-shooting in U.S. history.

Posted March 06, 2007

For perspective, Hannity then provided clips of interviews with U.S. troops he and his reporters interviewed after the airing of 60 Minutes episode, all of whom expressed a pride in service and a resolute desire to complete the mission.

Posted February 26, 2007

We’ve seen it countless times: The stirring photograph snapped 62-years-ago of five U.S. Marines and one Navy Corpsman raising the second (larger than the first) American flag atop Mount Suribachi on the Japanese-held island of Iwo Jima.

Posted January 29, 2007

How can anyone honestly say they support the troops when they make false claims that a majority of both military leaders and the rank-and-file no longer support what their organization is doing, particularly when the majority does?

Posted December 22, 2006

Though there were certainly many small-unit actions, raids, and Ranger operations during the Colonial Wars – and there was a special Marine landing in Nassau in the early months of the American Revolution – no special mission by America’s first army has been more heralded than that which took place on Christmas night exactly 230 years ago.

Posted November 10, 2006

The Marine Corps was born on November 10, 1775 – exactly 231 years ago, today.

Posted October 16, 2006

So why would anyone in their right mind believe that the Democrats could or would do any better in the prosecution of the war on terror than the Republicans?

Posted October 02, 2006

The African continent - vast, remote, and perhaps strategically unimportant in the minds of many unknowing Americans – is one of the most critical fronts in the global war on terror. And it is for a variety of reasons beyond humanitarian concerns.