William Wilson

There would be neither extent nor limit to what could be argued for in court and then for what Congress would be forced to allocate the resources for. Using his logic, Liu could take ObamaCare and turn it into a single-payer system by judicial fiat in a single court decision.

In short, Liu would legislate from the bench that taxpayers have a responsibility to pay for other people’s lives. As one of our readers, Bill Matthews, wrote in recently in response to the passage of ObamaCare, “Why work? Why Save? Why invest?” He wrote that he was moving and going on welfare and Medicaid.

Mr. Matthews has it exactly right. In Liu’s world, it would make more sense to sit around and do nothing. Why bother? Government will take care of everything.

The generations of immigrants from Italy, Poland, China, Mexico, and elsewhere who moved to America to work and get themselves ahead so they could one day pay for their children’s education? Saps! They could have gotten it all for free in Liu’s world.

Goodwin Liu would single-handedly destroy the American dream of working hard, saving for the future, and advancing oneself through the determination to succeed. He would replace it with a nation of idle government dependents who wait around for their checks to come in the mail before venturing out to merely consume, producing nothing.

In reality, who would want to invest in U.S. treasuries — i.e. lend money to Congress — if that money would just be wasted away by the unoccupied? Those investors know that eventually, if there are no taxpayers, there will be no interest paid on those treasuries.

Liu’s worldview, if it were the law of the land, would make America a bad investment. Perhaps that is his goal: to weaken America by indenturing its citizenry.

His view on the Constitution? Liu believes the Constitution is as flexible as taffy on a hot summer day, to be bent and twisted into whatever he wants. As reported by National Review Online, in promoting his book, Keeping Faith with the Constitution for the American Constitution Society, Liu suggested in a podcast that, “What we mean by fidelity is that the Constitution should be interpreted in ways that adapt its principles and its text to the challenges and conditions of our society in every succeeding generation.”

Whatever that means, he’d be okay with it, even if it means bankrupting the public treasury. So long as there is a societal consensus for a welfare “right,” the means for providing for that right become secondary. In sum, Liu would violate Thomas Jefferson’s solemn proclamation of the limits of power: “In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” Goodwin Liu would break what remains of those tattered, rusted chains of the Constitution and replace them with the elitist, Ivory Tower rule of the entitlement state.

William Wilson

William Wilson is the President of Americans for Limited Government. He has spent his career working in political strategy and public affairs for various causes and organizations.

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