William Rusher

In short, the technical end of majority-white dominance in American society will almost certainly not result in dominance by a coalition of racial and ethnic minorities. Each of these will be competing for power and influence in a mixed society in which by far the biggest minority bloc will still be -- you guessed it -- the whites. Their influence is quite likely to continue to be dominant for the foreseeable future.

After all, the whites will be busy playing coalition politics, too. They can, and undoubtedly will, use their influence to recruit allies and defeat opponents among the smaller groups.

Rich and his fellow liberals had better calm down. They are not going to overthrow white dominance in America in "three to four decades," or anything like it.

William Rusher

William Rusher is a Distinguished Fellow of the Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy and author of How to Win Arguments .

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