William F. Buckley

Posted September 07, 2007

This is the season in which, quite obviously, lascivious ears tune up for hypocrisy on the part of politicians. More often than not the scorn is justified.

Posted September 06, 2007

Some set the matter aside as being nothing more than verbal play for the benefit of word-men. What term properly designates what we are doing, and what we are enduring, in many parts of the world, the symbolic center of which is the Twin Towers site in Manhattan? Sometimes the words chosen can mean the justification of an additional measure of military power. Always they calibrate the public mood and the public perception of what is going on.

Posted September 04, 2007

The news of the incident in the men's room at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport needs to be absorbed layer by layer. It can already be referred to as the infamous meeting between Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho and the police officer.<

Posted August 24, 2007

Western Europe has a Muslim problem, and it is particularly acute in Great Britain, which is more intimately linked to constitutional traditions and procedures.

Posted August 22, 2007

Did you know -- better, would you have guessed? -- that the top income-tax rate in India, which is the home of breast-fed socialism, is a mere 30 percent?

Posted June 12, 2007

The genius of David Chase, the originator of "The Sopranos," was never more evident than in the last episode of the series.

Posted June 08, 2007

The talk about a pardon for Lewis Libby is food for thought. Partisans are grateful that there is time, even if not much time, to think, pending the appeals that are under way challenging the conviction at a technical level.

Posted June 05, 2007

Robert Shrum has written a book in which he tells all, or at least leaves one hoping that what he has told is all there is to tell.

Posted June 01, 2007

While it is true that no historical event exactly replicates another, it is certainly the case that what happened in Vietnam in 1972-1975 bears very closely on the current situation in Iraq.

Posted May 29, 2007

The congressional initiative to take coal and transform it into a liquid that serves to replace various fuels is going to have a hard time.

Posted May 29, 2007

The immigration bill is a mess, but how could it be otherwise? Messes are a part of democratic rule.

Posted May 25, 2007

The immigration bill is a mess, but how could it be otherwise? Messes are a part of democratic rule.

Posted May 22, 2007

I return from one week's leave from my column, grateful for my old roost and in the mood to repay a favor by granting one, or attempting to do so. You must have the narrative of what happened one day last week.

Posted May 14, 2007

Mitt Romney is hardly entitled to the Republican nomination just because he has confessed his doubts on the subject of abortion. But moral history is likely to bow its head to remark this sign of life of the moral conscience.

Posted May 02, 2007

The political problem of the Bush administration is grave, possibly beyond the point of rescue. The opinion polls are savagely decisive on the Iraq question.

Posted April 25, 2007

The rapture in 1960 over the independence of Nigeria seems incredible, and was always that, but three words -- anti-colonialism, independence and democracy -- were all that was thought to be needed to justify the jubilation. Nigeria had thrust away its colonial ties and would lead the way to the democratization of Africa.

Posted April 23, 2007

The search for the propellant of the killer-madness in Cho Seung-Hui tells us more about disorders in American thought than about those of the murderer. Recall first and foremost that the crime was quickly identified as the "bloodiest shooting attack in American history" done by a single person.

Posted April 17, 2007

There's a first-class political fight looming. The repercussions of it will be very broad. It will decide major questions of national strategy, critical allocations of authority and, almost certainly, the immediate fate of the existing political parties. In the circumstances, a great deal hangs on getting things right. A recent poll hints at deep divisions. Nine percent of Americans are unambiguous: They want us out of Iraq. They do not want to send another dollar there, and they want the troops home forthwith.

Posted April 14, 2007

Some years ago, Cokie Roberts, faithful to her profession and to the proposition that those engaged in public discourse, at whatever level, should be left free to do as they liked, stopped short.

Posted April 10, 2007

There is a trustee election happening there this spring that has attracted the attention of critics from coast to coast.