William F. Buckley

It is simply wrong automatically to relegate Ms. Hey to the shrill and uncaring ranks of homophobes. Those who seek to understand what is going on have to acknowledge that acts of discrimination are not always explained by raw prejudice. The deeply felt Christian proposition that the natural union is heterosexual, and that conventions should reflect this, cannot be dismissed as easily as by asserting that unions between members of the same sex ought to be equivalent in the law, let alone in religious orders.

Religion is not entirely a matter of what is natural. The Christian religion begins by affirming some unnatural propositions, among them the divinity of Christ. But it is to be expected that some men and women, driven by conscience and fidelity, should resist, day by day, the attenuation of the faith. There are churchmen who believe that to bring in new, secular crucibles in which to reshape religion does no strategic service, and ends by diluting creedal authority.

William F. Buckley

William F. Buckley, Jr. is editor-at-large of National Review, the prolific author of Miles Gone By: A Literary Autobiography.

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