Wayne LaPierre

Obama has proven this with every anti-gun judge he’s nominated, every gun control regulation he’s dictated, and every United Nations initiative he’s embraced. He proved it during his entire political career by voting for every gun-ban law and taking leadership positions in the gun-ban movement.

In his brief tenure, Obama has demonstrated that there isn’t a single aspect of our American society – not our free market principles, our time-honored traditions and values, nor our Bill of Rights – that he isn’t willing to steamroll on his way to recasting America in a European mold. He would much rather America be a disarmed society like the one we witnessed in Great Britain, where innocent civilians were rendered helpless against rampaging thugs.

Our President does all of this to cheers, but not here at home. The applause he hears comes from foreign nations who are eagerly anticipating America’s demise. There is a growing enthusiasm among the international community that America will fail on every front – and when we do, we’ll fall prey to a new system where our republic no longer exists to protect our rights, but to ration or ban them.

And yet, the more President Obama tries to suffocate our freedom, the more popular freedom becomes – it’s the American way.

Wayne LaPierre

Wayne LaPierre is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Rifle Association of America.