Wayne Allyn Root

I may disagree with the exact words he chose, but I stand hand-in-hand with Phil to support his right to say it.

Oh by the way, Phil is a reality TV star. His success and popularity is based on his opinions. A&E fired a reality star for having controversial opinions? Are you kidding me? A&E executives need to quickly visit the nearest psychiatrist.

The Duck Dynasty scandal is about intolerance. But the intolerance is on part of Hollywood and A&E. The star of a reality show is allowed to have opinions. If you don't like them, you have no right to ban them. That's intolerance. That’s tyrant’s behavior. That’s McCarthyism. That’s the attitude of police states we find in countries run by tyrants like Stalin, or Fidel Castro, or Huge Chavez, or the old East Germany. Is this what America has become under Obama?

I don't have to agree with Phil Robertson to stand behind him. I support free speech. If it can happen to Phil, it can happen to anyone of us. I'm a TV and radio personality. I have opinions. I won’t change them, or back down. If you don't like them, change the channel. That's called FREEDOM.

But Hollywood wants Christians in the closet…silent…fearful…intimidated. Obama, Hollywood and the leftists are petrified of free thought. They keep their modern day Tammany Hall going through intimidation. They cannot afford to allow conservative or Christian values to be affirmed by a pop culture celebrity- for fear it might start a trend. It might stir up the masses. It might encourage conservatives to speak out. It might embolden Christians to quote the Bible without fear. Hollywood cannot allow that. Because they know it could get out of hand. Americans might actually be inspired to fight back. Someone might escape the thought-police plantation.

A duck hunter may have just lit the spark that started a revolution. Phil Robertson just went from TV phenomenon to American hero. Christians have been unchained. We are free to speak our minds. And we're not going back in the closet.

I think Hollywood just "ducked themselves."

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is the author of the new book The Murder of the Middle Class: How to Save Yourself and Your Family From the Criminal Conspiracy of the Century, as well as The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide. . Wayne's twitter: http://twitter.com/WayneRoot/ Wayne's web site: www.ROOTforAmerica.com