Virgil Goode

This policy is a no brainer. It is pure madness to continue to keep flooding our country with millions of foreign workers when our own citizens cannot find jobs. It is time for a moratorium.

An immigration moratorium does not mean we will not allow a single immigrant into this country. We would still welcome spouses of US Citizens, people of extraordinary ability, and few other immigration categories. However, we should cut off employment based work permits until Americans are back on their feet.

Once that happens—and it never will if we continue our failed immigration policies—then we can have a discussion about what the proper levels of immigration should be. We should have had that in 1965, but did not because Ted Kennedy and his friends wrongly stated the effects of the 1965 Immigration Act.

At the time, Kennedy claimed that his bill would not “cause American workers to lose their jobs” and that “our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually.”

45 years later, over a million of immigrants come into our country every year causing millions of American workers to lose their jobs.

With unemployment above 10%, no one can say with a straight face that “immigrants are doing the jobs Americans won’t do.”

Without that justification, a moratorium is just plain old common sense.

Virgil Goode

Virgil Goode represented Virginia’s 5th Congressional District from 1997 until 2009.