Posted October 31, 2011

Why is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo hindering the Americanization of new immigrants? Like this writer Cuomo is the descendant of Italian immigrants. His father, Mario Cuomo is one of the great Italian-American success stories of the Twentieth Century.

Posted October 18, 2011

Just recently, President Obama's much-heralded "jobs" plan was derailed by the U.S. Senate, thereby adding to the evidence that it was designed with only one job in mind: the President's.

Posted October 07, 2011

The world bid farewell to one of the greatest Americans to have graced the pages of history Wednesday evening. Apple founder and former CEO Steve Jobs passed away at 56 years old.

Posted October 06, 2011

Posted October 05, 2011

In the current bid for the presidency, several key domestic issues are, seemingly, being spread before us at our nation’s dinner table. There are the samplers to whet the appetite – abortion politics, same-sex marriage battles, the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and social security reform, to name a few. And, then, there is the unmistakable House special: our not-so-delectable mounting national debt.

Posted October 03, 2011

The amount of money our federal government borrows and spends is truly hard to comprehend. Just how many zero’s are in a trillion anyway? Twelve.

Posted September 26, 2011

Supporters of limited government too often lose Washington policy debates because we don’t challenge our opponents on their use of weasel words. Here are some needed clarifications that will help conservatives win more debates.

Posted September 21, 2011

In a grandiose display of the very ignorance he therein denounced, President Obama gave an address to the United Nations General Assembly this morning.

Posted September 14, 2011

As a junior in high school, the word “college” is ever present in my mind—and on the lips of my parents. The phrases “grades count,” “you need money; get a job,” and “student loans” have become like background music to my life. From the age of twelve, I have been tucking away my babysitting earnings in the bank in the eager hopes that it would someday become enough to pay for college.

Posted July 07, 2011

We sit down in front of 68" 3D flat-screen that we got from the big box store last week. Who knew you could finance a television?

Posted July 07, 2011

Females, I have breaking news for our gender. We are in no way as strong as men physically, considering that we are talking about the average size of most human beings. That’s right I said it.

Posted July 27, 2009

A few weekends ago, I watched a movie with my son called “Tigger & Pooh and a Musical Too.” It’s a very cute show—my son loves Tigger, and Disney is still making family-friendly movies, so I was on board.

Posted July 20, 2009

What is happening to the newspaper industry? Denver’s Rocky Mountain News is out of business. The Tribune Company, owners of the Chicago Tribune and the L.A. Times, declared bankruptcy.

Posted June 29, 2009

Some of our most damaging mistakes originate from the simple belief that something is an absolute good. The harm of the environmental movement (or at least the harm done by the most extremist groups) is due to the belief that “nature” is an absolute good.

Posted June 22, 2009

Kim Jong Il may not be playing with a full deck, but his conception of the country’s national interest is well served by his defiance of “international opinion.”

Posted May 25, 2009

Lady Liberty needn’t fear a Statue of Tyranny will soon be cozying up next to her any time soon.

Posted May 18, 2009

This country is divided. It is divided not by rich or poor, black or white. The division is in ideology.

Posted May 04, 2009

A common refrain among protectionists, economic nationalists and other advocates of strong government intervention in the economy is that so-called “big corporations” are “shipping jobs overseas.”

Posted April 27, 2009

Transformational candidate Barack Obama is now President Obama. His promises to change the way Washington works, bring health care to all, alter world climate, restore America’s prestige and solve our economic crisis will now be put to the test.

Posted March 30, 2009

One major cause of our recession is the $4 trillion early decline in the value of U.S. homes, which could escalate to steeper declines in other business activities.