The 2010 Florida Senate race provides the book’s most compelling material. Rubio’s Senate campaign seemingly ran into one obstacle after another. Rubio’s campaign got off to a rocky start. His poll numbers coming out of the gate were discouraging, and his fundraising was dwarfed by that of Charlie Crist. With the Republican establishment firmly behind his opponent, an opponent known for taking revenge, Rubio knew full well that he was putting his political and professional future on the line. A drubbing in the Senate race would likely make him unelectable in the future. On top of that, he was worried that making enemies from the Senate race would make it tough to retain and attract new law clients. These early doubts led to Rubio seriously considering running for state Attorney General. Fortunately for conservatives everywhere, he decided that it was more important to challenge Charlie Crist with a real conservative. Rubio intense rivalry with Charlie Crist (which dates back to Rubio’s time as Speaker of the House in Florida) added an interesting dynamic to the three-way Senate race, and leads to a few of Rubio’s funniest observations.

The rampant veepstake speculation surrounding the Senator made his autobiography a much anticipated release. Senator Rubio managed to deliver a book that more than lives up to the hype. Marco Rubio: An American Son is truly an inspirational memoir and necessary reading for all conservatives.