A study by the Bureau of Economic Analysis found that Right to Work states enjoy nearly double the job growth of non-Right to Work states. This should come as little surprise. Right to Work reduces the hurdles for good, talented workers to find suitable employment. Census data between 2000 and 2009 shows that nearly 5 million Americans have realized the economic benefits of Right to Work and “voted with their feet” – moving to Right to Work states from non-Right to Work states.

250,000 Hoosiers are currently out of work. Should union membership stop them from finding a good job in our great state?

The benefits of ending forced unionization extend to the entire state, as higher employment will result in higher total productive economic activity. As more productive labor is spent creating goods and offering services, the economy grows, bringing higher levels of prosperity for everyone. Economist Richard Vedder found that Indiana’s gross state product would have been nearly $23 billion higher had it passed a Right to Work law in 1977. Individual Hoosiers would enjoy nearly $3,000 in higher per-capital income. When more people can voluntarily offer their services, more workers have jobs and the entire economy grows, bringing prosperity to everyone.

Right to Work is not a Republican or Democrat issue. It is not even a “liberal” or “conservative” issue. Right to Work is about guaranteeing to our workers the economic freedom that already generally exists for non-Union workers.

It’s time for Indiana to stand up for all workers and pass Right to Work.