Tony Katz

That's a difference of $200 billion! That's the middle-class' money! President Obama promised! How can anyone think that a difference of $200 billion could possibly represent "fair share?" Why would President Obama sign off on this deal? Why did he lie to the same people he promised to help?

The answer is unfortunate, even for his most ardent supporters. President Obama, through his own actions and most trusted henchmen, obviously doesn't care about the middle class, and thinks nothing of lying to get what he wants. And what he wants is to embarrass Republicans at every turn. What he wants is to crush his political opponents more than he wants to, in his lying words, help middle class folks.

Middle class Americans should mark this day as a very dark day in history. Today, President Obama showed he is more about politics than he is about people. The science is in. The proof is conclusive. The case is closed. Don't say you weren't warned.

Tony Katz

Tony Katz is a radio talk show host, writer, public speaker and cigar enthusiast. His show can be heard on 93.1FM WIBC in Indianapolis, and at