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It is certainly possible that production companies have deals with multiple funding partners, and not every one is known to every producer, director, actor, or writer. However, regardless of Damon's commentary, is not "that's that." When the podcast was made publicon iTunes, McAleer's question, and Damon's answer, were removed. As McAleer noted:

When the guy (moderator Peter Travers) asks for questions from the audience and then calls, 'front row, middle,’ it’s me he’s talking about,...Then in the podcast, they just airbrush me out, like Stalin used to do. It’s a very un-Apple thing to do, considering their famous 1984 TV commercial.

The video of the question and answer exchange can be seen here. It is unknown if Apple had anything to do with the editing. When asked in an email about Damon's role in the editing, McAleer's production partner and director of Not Evil Just Wrong, Ann McElhinney, responded, "I dont believe Matt Damon was involved with the censorship." But someone, somewhere in the process, was involved with this censorship.

This should give pause to anyone who believes in the First Amendment, and should send chills up the spines of every artist, filmmaker and journalist in America. When you engage in the over practice of selective editing, you engage in the promoting of an elitist class of Americans and in the denigrating of the rest of America.

When MSNBC selectively edited the Tea Party member with a gun to avoid showing he was black, that was elitists misleading Americans to move forward their own agenda. When NBC News selectively edited the George Zimmerman audio tapes to paint him as a racist, that was the elitists misleading Americans to further there racism meme. In both cases, lying by omission is as egregious as stating falsehoods.

From Damon, while disgusting, this may have been expected. Why would he, or Krasinski, want to admit that their movie - which attacks fracking, and, by extension, American energy independence - was financed by the Abu Dhabi government? As McAleer pointed out, Abu Dhabi, "...stands to make billions of dollars if fracking is banned in the United States." Admission of funding from an oil producer might put a crimp in Damon's bottom line. (Just like a One Percenter. Willing to lie to Americans to line his pockets!) This is the same guy who touted Howard Zinn as a source of "history" in "Good Will Hunting," so, honestly, what do you expect?

But for Apple, this could be damning stuff. The company has built its reputation on its relationship with its users, and providing them with honesty and quality. Obvious censorship on their platform is depressing, and dangerous - not only to their credibility, but potentially to their bottom line. No one forgets that former CEO and certifiable visionary Steve Jobs leaned to the political left, but this is more than than a political leaning. One wonders if something like this would have, could have or, worse, has happened under Jobs’ stewardship.

Damon and Krasinski should set the record straight, and provide the full, unedited podcast to the listeners. Otherwise, this is the Elitist class actively deceiving the American people. And you don't think there is a culture war in America? To learn more about McAleer's movie, Frack Nation, at

Tony Katz

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