Tony Katz

This is not the first time that there has been a "private" inauguration. In 1957, President Dwight Eisenhower was sworn in on a Sunday, with the public ceremony happening the following Monday. President Woodrow Wilson was the same in 1917. It last happened in 1985, when President Ronald Reagan had a private swearing in on a Sunday. But, as was mentioned by Dylan Byers of Politico (and quoted by Jim Geraghty in The Morning Jolt,) Reagan's "private" swearing in was anything but:

The last time a president was inaugurated on a Sunday was in 1985. Reagan's White House allowed complete news coverage of the private ceremony, including three reporters, three still photographers, and one network television pool camera, according to a Los Angeles Times report from the time. ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN carried live broadcasts of the event.

The Obama team swears this is much ado about nothing. Inauguration spokesperson Rachel Racusen stated:

There is no truth to any rumors that decisions have been made about media access to this year’s inaugural events...The 2013 Presidential Inaugural Committee announced its launch yesterday and is just beginning its planning. Any announcements about media access and credentials will be made in the coming weeks.

This could all be much ado about nothing. But, as Marx put it (Groucho, that is,) "Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?"

For four years (and more) America has been told of the President's desire for transparency. Yet, time after time after time, America has seen (or, rather, not seen) what President Obama means by transparency. With the inauguration, America once again sees how little regard the President, and his team, has for those who voted for him, and how little regard they have for America.

Tony Katz

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