Tony Katz

This is "The Costas Conjecture." The belief held by Costas that what he does is fine, and if you don't like it it's because you just don't get it. You simpleton.

Who else uses "The Costas Conjecture?" President Obama does. Since he took office, the White House, and the mainstream media, have been issuing statements to better explain the positions, policies and beliefs that President Obama, in his own words, could not properly explain. Like when Press Secretary Jay Carney had to explain the President's bizarre take on the authority of the Supreme Court. According to Carney:

...the president was not clearly understood by some people because he is a law professor, he spoke in shorthand.

Translation: The Audience is the problem. Or when the campaign worried that Obama's problem was that he was just "too professorial" to resonate with voters. Translation: The Audience is the problem. The Los Angeles Times lamented in May, 2012 that President Obama may be too brainy to be president. Translation: Yes. The Costas Conjecture.

The firing of Costas is left up to his employer. Certainly, NBC sees a value in left-leaning hosts on their sportscasts. If Keith Olbermann was still in the employ of NBC, I have little doubt that we would be engaging this same conversation.

But Costas made two mistakes that at the same time are obscene and truly unforgivable. He used his position as a sportscaster to make an unbridled attack on the Second Amendment, and he followed it up by blaming the audience for not being with him. It not only makes him wrong, it makes him petty.

Tony Katz

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