Tony Katz

Whatever its intended purpose, the strategy could turn out to be a stroke of genius. Although his debate performances sunk him, Perry was a Tea Party favorite from early on, and the clear favorite of new media, with endorsements from Mike Flynn of's Big Government, Dan McLaughlin of and AceofSpadesHQ.

The Tea Party has no candidate that can sufficiently rally them in voice and numbers and dollars. To date, they are not as vocal in this election as they were in 2010 because, like America, they are waiting for a nominee before they go full out (as well as focusing their attention on winning the Senate and keeping the House as a hedge against an Obama re-elect.)

Introducing Perry into the discussion may be a hail mary pass. It's a high risk play with a small chance of success. But if it connects with voters, it's a winner.

Tony Katz

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