Tony Katz

In February 2011 she told us at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) that Romney was a certain loser against Obama, now she tells us he will win. Her excuse was that she was “sick” at CPAC. She also played the birther card on the Tea Party in making the case for Romney. Inexcusable and unforgivable. Coulter’s endorsement of Romney does not a case for Romney make.

The idea of Romney electability of Obama is a myth. It is pushed by Romney supporters with tremendous passion and desire for it to be truth, but it is not. Proof shows just the opposite, as Romney lost in Iowa and South Carolina. The "inevitable" front runner is 1 for 3. Good in baseball, less good in politics. On my radio show, and in interviews across the country, I have stated that Obama can't win re-election. Any of the men on stage right now will win over Obama.

In South Carolina, both Sen. Rick Santorum and political analyst Dick Morris made sure to stop by the Blogger Bash after their back to back appearances on Hannity Friday night. In front of a gathering of bloggers and radio hosts, Morris made the same point; Obama won't we re-election. He went so far as to say that Republicans will win 40 states in the general election with any candidate (sans Rep. Ron Paul.)

Coulter might still be feeling scorned by her one true love, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, who decided not to run for President. While questions about his conservatism persist, people love Christie's tone, mannerisms, and attitude. They love that he's no nonsense, that he takes on all comers. They salivate for those videos where people try to challenge him. They watch them in their entirety...waiting eagerly for the eventual smack down. Then, they cheer wildly, and share the videos on Twitter and Facebook and G+, in emails and at computer work stations. People like honesty, and respond to those who act firmly in the face of usually unanswered leftist assaults.

Coulter followed Christie in backing Romney. Romney, however, has none of these qualities. He has responded to one questioner on the concept of Capitalism with some aplomb. Otherwise, he comes off as quasi-hysterical. When he took on Gov. Rick Perry (in a conversation about hiring illegals) about who had the right to speak at the moment, his voice was not that of a man in control, but rather a scorned child who wanted her oompa-loompa now! When on FOX with Bret Baier, he called the interview absurd. Just take a look at him answering questions about when he will release his tax returns. He mumbles, he bumbles, he takes offense. Only when trounced by Gingrich does he set a firm date for their release.

Trounced, it must be said, by a man who takes on all comers, who is will to take on the media, who isn't afraid of a heckler. Trounced by a man who has people salivating over his debate performances. They watch them in their entirety...waiting eagerly for the eventual smackdown. Then, they cheer wildly. It's not that they agree with Gingrich on everything, or agree with every political or personal decision he has ever made. They like someone who fights to win. They like Christie. They like Gingrich. They LOVE Ann Coulter! They would like Romney if he did the same. So far, he doesn't.

Ann Coulter will continue to dominate big think, and will continue to do us proud when it comes to taking on nonsensical leftist talking points. She will eviscerate those who haven't done their research. She will do it with a smile, with a historical understand about America, its culture and its values. When she does, we will watch and cheer wildly.

I love this woman. She's just wrong about the 2012 race.

Tony Katz

Tony Katz is a radio talk show host, writer, public speaker and cigar enthusiast. His show can be heard on 93.1FM WIBC in Indianapolis, and at

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