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Hammerman's usage of the leftist trademark of "moral equivalency" is as outrageous as it is ignorant (and it is always both!) As All American Blogger writes:

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman somehow believes the moral equivalency nonsense regarding Christians and Muslims. You see, if the Muslims will riot over a cartoon of Mohammed, then surely those football fueled fundies will go into a frenzy over one of their own beating all the odds and winning the Lombardi Trophy.

Jews in America, unfortunately, have traded their Judaism for Liberalism. It has been explored by Norman Podhoretz in his book Why are Jews Liberals?, and is a subject engaged by radio great Dennis Prager. I have long talked about this subject on my radio show, and have lamented that Jews feel the irrational need to please their long since deceased bubbie by continuing to walk in her leftist shoes. Add Rabbi Hammerman to this list.

Hammerman's commentary is consistent with a long line of anti-Christian sentiment in the United States. Tebow believes in Jesus, and I don't. It doesn't bother, or offend, or worry me. Yet, it captivates the media's attention that he is so open about it. But, really, it allows the press to continue the assault, with the onus then being on Tebow. Since he is so "open" about his religion, then we, the press and others, are allowed to "talk" about his religion. And by talk, we mean slander, attack and ridicule. When ABC can seriously contemplate a television show called "Good Christian Bitches," and a crucifix in urine is considered art, it's not stretching to recognize the assault on Christians in the US.

Hammerman, however, doesn't believe it (even though his own article is doing exactly that) and goes the extra step in an attempt to ensure that you don't believe it either. In a pivot to discussing the GOP candidates, Hammerman writes:

When supposedly well-educated candidates publicly question overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change and evolution and then gain electoral traction by fabricating conspiracies about a war on Christmas, these are not rational times.

Yes, there is no war on Christians, and the science on climate change is closed. Except the science on climate change has been outed as fabrication, and, as I have explained, there is, indeed, a war on Christianity; or, more to the point, a war on non- hard-core leftist progressives!

It goes without saying that what Rabbi Hammerman has written is not the opinion of all Jews. And, certainly, I feel no embarrassment (as a Jewish man) that Hammerman has exposed himself to be a fool, just like I feel no embarrassment (as a Jewish man) that Bernie Madoff was a criminal, unlike Rabbi Hammerman. But, unfortunately, far too many Jews in America view their Judaism not through a religious lens, but through a liberal lens; replacing their known Jewish values for liberal acceptance.

I'm not embarrassed I'm just disgusted. And, now, a Broncos fan.


The current version of Rabbi Hammerman's article does not include the paragraph about Tebow winning the Super Bowl, and fears of 'mosque burning." However, it does remain on his blog, in full.

There are a number of responses in the "comments" section that refer to Hammerman's words about burning mosques and, "...bashing gays and indiscriminately banishing immigrants." Also in the comments is a response from Rabbi Hammerman, which again appears on his blog. In that response, Hammerman states that he is getting the "expected outrage from the evangelical right." He then goes on to discuss why he has problems with Tebow:

As for Tebow, he has done extraordinary things. His love for people is unbounded. His entire life's work is also predicated on saving my soul for Jesus. He's not alone in this. Tebow has been affiliated with the Southern Baptists, who spend millions to convert Jews, often deceptively.

Then, he delivers what can only be described as a jab at Catholics, and members of the Priesthood:

I personally don't consider that exemplary behavior. Is it better than raping little boys? Absolutely. But is it admirable? I have issues with anyone determined to save my soul, be that person Christian or Jewish.

It should not take more than a nanosecond to recognize that a person conflating proselytizing with rape is an awful person. What could this comparison be for, if not to explicitly attack Christians - the near totality of whom don't accept the actions of rogue priests or the cover-ups of the Church, and whom are clear in their admonition of the same?

Hammerman summarizes his feelings on Tebow:

My ideal person of faith is a pluralist, one who accepts the legitimacy of my faith. Tebow does not. I do not find that admirable.

Rabbi Hammerman proves that his Judaism has been left in the closet, and his new coat is that of Liberalism. Only the liberal demands that everyone accept him for who he is, how he is and how he acts. Only the liberal demands that no attention be paid to his misgivings, either by his actions, his deeds, his attitude, his words or his demeanor. How true this is of Occupy Wall Street, where the mainstream media focused on the fake narrative of "income inequality," but failed to accept the violent behavior of the Occupiers, whether it be the deaths, rapes, sexual assaults, defecating on police cars, drug dealing or blockading of businesses and ports, keeping working people from getting to their jobs.

Liberals do not accept anyone that does not believe like they do. Hammerman is a liberal. I will let others decide if they find his thoughts, deeds, words or actions "admirable."

Tony Katz

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