Tony Katz

As reported by the LA Times, the remains of Occupy LA were hauled off to the city dump, by the city, at the taxpayers’ expense. The amount of trash? Approximately 30 tons:

Sanitation officials said Wednesday that they expect to haul away 30 tons of debris from the Occupy L.A. encampment...Andrea Alarcon, president of the city Public Works board, said workers already have removed 25 tons of belongings from the City Hall park, all of it heading straight to a landfill

Sanitation crews also have vacuumed up about 3,000 gallons of water that had washed into a catch basin in recent days and are testing it for hazardous materials, she said.

As a headline, it's enough to make one shake their head in disgust. For the intellectually honest, it's enough to make one say—out loud!—"How in the world could anyone compare the Occupy movement to the Tea Party? The Tea Party would never leave a location looking like this!" But move past the headline, and a new, more accurate story (if, indeed, unintentional by the author) emerges:

The sheer volume of personal belongings left behind after the early morning Los Angeles Police Department raid has astonished city workers: books and CDs, luggage and boom boxes, mattresses and dining chairs, cellphones, electric razors, a small red guitar with its neck snapped –- all surrounded by dozens of collapsed and empty tents

First, it requires a deep understanding of how rich the United States is as a nation, and how incredibly wonderful that is. Yes, a wealthy nation is a blessing, and a tribute to our people, our culture and our values. The Occupiers call themselves part of the 99 percent, and portray themselves as the downtrodden, the left out, the left behind, the jobless, the poor. Yet, they left behind a treasure trove of CDs and cell phones and electric razors. ELECTRIC RAZORS! While one could (if being intellectually dishonest) rationalize the having of cell phones as a needed utility, and one could (again with the dishonesty) rationalize someone having a CD as a human need for music while discounting that it requires another piece of materialism to play said CD—both things, like the cell phone, being made by evil corporations—there is no way for even the intellectually dishonest to reason away an electric razor as anything but a "first world luxury."

Tony Katz

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