Tom Purcell

It is mainly because our political class - in this case, the Democrats who had control of the House, Senate and White House in 2010 - disregarded the will of the majority of the American people and rammed through a bill without the majority's consent.

Numerous polls show that more than half of Americans still do not like or want ObamaCare - and those numbers will worsen as more people find out their policies are not eligible for "grandfathering."

Rage is growing among citizens, who are losing their policies. Many are speaking out to their elected representatives and demanding that ObamaCare be repealed or, at the very least, delayed.

More Americans are coming to the conclusion that it took tremendous hubris and arrogance for politicians to think that the federal government could remake the health-care sector without causing the massive chaos we are now witnessing.

And so the backlash not only continues, but is growing worse.

Yet, despite the backlash, ObamaCare's creators are doubling down. The president is saying he didn't say what he said - what he said over and over again about keeping coverage and doctors.

PR flacks are showing up on news programs, trying to convince average Americans they are not experiencing what they are experiencing.

This is what happens when you ram through a massive bill that is one-sided from the start.

Sheesh, what did they expect?

Tom Purcell

Tom Purcell, author of "Comical Sense: A Lone Conservative Humorist Takes on a World Gone Nutty!" and "Misadventures of a 1970's Childhood," is a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review humor columnist syndicated nationally by Cagle Cartoons. Visit him on the web at