Tom Purcell

If she covers just herself and her youngest child, her $47,000 income is still too high to qualify for subsidies.

She is too proud to accept subsidies in any event. She doesn't want taxpayers picking up the tab for her coverage. In fact, ObamaCare subsidies will cost taxpayers $1.9 trillion over the next decade.

Her only solution is to find a full-time job that provides benefits - if she can find an employer that offers them. Employers, too, are seeing their premiums soar.

Virtually everyone agrees our country needs to help the uninsured and those with pre-existing conditions get coverage and care.

However, ObamaCare is essentially forcing those who buy their own insurance to pay double or triple costs to cover those without insurance or who have pre-existing conditions - and a good many of these middle-class people will not qualify for subsidies.

The shame here is that there are creative ways for the government to solve the problem by establishing guidelines while unleashing market forces. This is demonstrated by Medicare Part D, a successful entitlement program that provides drugs to the elderly poor.

Under Part D, seniors are free to choose among a variety of benefits, costs and plans offered by private insurers. According to the Heartland Institute, Medicare trustees estimated a 2013 average monthly cost of $61 - the actual costs are HALF that.

In any event, lots of people are getting sticker shock as they learn how much their premiums will increase. And despite the president's promises, many people will not get to keep their current coverage.

Just ask Rebecca.

Tom Purcell

Tom Purcell, author of "Comical Sense: A Lone Conservative Humorist Takes on a World Gone Nutty!" and "Misadventures of a 1970's Childhood," is a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review humor columnist syndicated nationally by Cagle Cartoons. Visit him on the web at