Tom Price

Many claim we must sustain high levels of spending because our nation's priorities demand it. This is unrealistic and it merely serves to justify high levels of taxation. It is based on the premise that any project may be labeled a priority and funded simply by digging deeper into the American people's wallets. And, it ignores our number one responsibility which is to be good stewards of the American people's money. Otherwise, we are abusing the generosity of the American people by justifying today's rampant spending with tomorrow's rampant taxation.

In the end, these tax increases will abuse all Americans. There are senior citizens who will face increased penalties for saving money over the years. There are married couples who will pay more income taxes filing jointly than two taxpayers who file separately. There are families who will see their child tax credit cut in half. All of this will be done to pay for a government that refuses to take responsibility for its spending. These types of tax penalties contradict our values and any reasonable sense of fairness.

American businessmen, American families, and the individual American taxpayer deserve another way to pay for Washington's annual budget. Raising taxes is not the answer. It is a temporary solution to the permanent problem of government overexpansion. We simply must stop finding ways to pay for an ever bigger government.

Tom Price

Congressman Tom Price is recognized as a vibrant leader in Georgia and a diligent and tireless problem solver in Congress.