Tom DeLay

But the far more important story than this little tempest that will go away in three days is, well, the vast left-wing conspiracy out to get anyone opposed to the Clinton Restoration. Media Matters claims it’s a nonpartisan “research and information center.” That’s all well and good, except that Hillary Clinton herself took credit, while speaking at YearlyKos of all places, of starting Media Matters. In her August speech to the left wing fringe gathering, Senator Clinton bragged about “institutions that I helped to start and support like Media Matters and Center for American Progress” (CAP is a left-wing think tank effectively owned and operated by the Clinton campaign policy shop).

She refers to these and other groups, mostly funded by socialist billionaire George Soros and designed for the single purpose of electing Mrs. Clinton president next fall, as “the new progressive infrastructure” which, again, “I helped to start.”

She’s not kidding. This recent attack against Rush Limbaugh is nothing more than a fire drill for Mrs. Clinton’s “new progressive infrastructure,” a preparation for the real quarry: the 2008 Republican presidential nominee. There is nothing independent, nonpartisan, or disinterested about Media Matters and the rest of the Clinton Shadow Party – they are the tanks and bombers and battleships of Hillary’s campaign arsenal. They will do whatever they are asked, whenever they must, to destroy anyone who stands between her and the Oval Office.

No wonder her laugh sounds like that.

Tom DeLay

Tom DeLay is the former House Majority Leader, the second ranking leader in the United States House of Representatives, and co-author of No Retreat, No Surrender: One American's Fight.

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