Todd Starnes

Posted March 09, 2015

A chaplain who once ministered to Navy SEALs could be thrown out of the military after he was accused of failing to show tolerance and respect in private counseling sessions in regards to issues pertaining to faith, marriage and sexuality, specifically homosexuality and pre-marital sex, according to documents obtained exclusively by Fox News.

Posted March 06, 2015

A government crackdown on churches has Christians in Lake Worth, Fla., wondering if they live in the United States or the former Soviet Union.

Posted March 03, 2015

Nothing says America quite like smoking a pork butt and flying Old Glory.

Posted February 09, 2015

Teenagers at a California high school were publicly shamed for disagreeing with speakers allowed to push an LGBT agenda during an English class, according to several upset parents.

Posted January 29, 2015

Neal and Danette Childs knew they were in danger.

Posted January 28, 2015

Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran says he was fired because he wrote a book expressing his Christian faith, according to a discrimination complaint filed Jan. 19 with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Posted January 15, 2015

Duke University has abandoned its plan to transform the bell tower on the Methodist schools neo-gothic cathedral into a minaret where the Muslim call to prayer was to be publicly broadcast.

Posted January 15, 2015

Duke University is defending its decision to transform the bell tower on the Methodist schools neogothic cathedral into a minaret where the Muslim call to prayer will be publicly broadcast.

Posted January 14, 2015

A Virginia school district has decided to scrap a policy that allowed it to interrogate Christian homeschool teenagers and their parents about their religious beliefs.

Posted January 13, 2015

Kelvin Cochran is a decorated firefighter. He is also a devout Christian. Hes a deacon at a Baptist church and also teaches Sunday school.

Posted January 12, 2015

Its been so cold in Birmingham, Alabama that theyve had stuff shivering they didnt know could shake.

Posted January 08, 2015

Kelvin Cochran was five-years-old when he realized that he wanted to be a firefighter.

Posted January 07, 2015

PHILLIPSBURG, N.J. (Christian Examiner) -- A New Jersey school district violated the law when it fired a teacher who handed a Bible to a student, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled on December 15, 2014. The ruling was made public Tuesday.

Posted December 29, 2014

It appears that Jesus and jazz hands dont mix.

Posted December 19, 2014

Parents in Farmville, North Carolina want to know why their children were given a Common Core vocabulary assignment in an English class that promoted the Prophet Muhammad and the Islamic faith.

Posted December 18, 2014

Marquette University seems to be sending a message to students and faculty who support Catholic doctrine regarding marriage: if you oppose gay marriage keep your mouth shut.

Posted December 15, 2014

A Massachusetts school that advertises itself as an inclusive community banned Santa Claus from its annual Christmas concert in the hometown of Harvard University after someone complained.

Posted December 01, 2014

It turns out you can give thanks for a lot of different folks on the Disney Channel website but you cant thank God.

Posted November 26, 2014

We havent even had time to hang the mistletoe and would you believe there are already skirmishes breaking out in the war on Christmas?

Posted November 25, 2014

I received a Facebook message the other day from one of my readers in Cordova, Alaska.