Todd Starnes

Moran said the union decided to go public with the accusations after their concerns were unheeded by the TSA.

“The Border Patrol is not in the business of providing government IDs,” he said. “These documents should not be used to establish identity or to allow people to use the transportation system.”

He said the border agents in Laredo tried to explain to the TSA how easily the documents could be forged – but their concerns were not addressed.

“It’s unbelievable that another government agency would take a simple piece of paper that could be forged by anyone with a home computer and use that as a valid form of ID to travel,” he said.

Moran warned that the TSA’s alleged actions put the country at risk.

“It could easily be used by people looking to exploit our transportation system,” he said. “Thirteen years ago, 19 people exploited our transportation system and killed nearly 3,000 Americans. This is a threat we have talked about for many years.”

Just something to think about the next time the TSA takes personal liberties with your private parts.

Todd Starnes

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