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“They were either too high or too low and I didn’t want any of that,” she said.

Eventually she settled on a pretty blue dress and a clutch purse.

“The purse was for my necessities – my nitro and my puffer that I use for breathing,” she said.

The night of the prom was magical. Austin serenaded his great-grandmother with a special song and presented her with a pearl necklace.

His father chauffeured them to an elegant dinner at the local Bob Evans.

“That’s one of her favorite places,” Austin said.

He ordered the pancakes. She ordered an omelette. “I had to take some of it home,” Delores confessed.

Afterwards, it was off to the high school where Austin and his lovely date were introduced at the promenade.

“We got a standing ovation,” he said. “But we had to cut across the dance floor because she didn’t have enough energy.”

Delores managed to get a few laughs as she hit the balloons with her cane.

“It was wonderful and I just loved all the girls in their fancy gowns and the gentlemen in their tuxedos. It was quite a night,” she said. “Everyone there just could not have been more polite. Everyone got an A+.”

One of Austin’s friends even tried to make a move on his grandmother.

“He tried to cut in,” he said with a good-natured laugh. “He asked for a dance, but she didn’t have the energy.”

And her date? Well, she declared, “He was a perfect gentleman. He was everything you would expect of a young man.”

“I respect my elders greatly,” he told me. “They have a great influence on my life. To be able to sit down and talk to them and learn from them and their experiences is a great thing.”

But Austin had one more surprise waiting for his great-grandmother. As he escorted her onto the dance floor, a tune from another time filled the gymnasium. It was that song – from a long time ago.

How I love the kisses of Delores…

“I chose that song because Grandpa Ed used to sing that song to her,” Austin said. “We shared that dance. It was really sweet.”

What a break if I could make Delores mine, all mine…

And that’s the story of how Delores Dennison went to prom. She wore a lovely dress, and promenaded through a sea of balloons and danced with a handsome young man on a crisp April evening. And all the while, the band played on.

How I love the kisses of Delores…

Todd Starnes

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