Todd Starnes

The Mainstream Media is hyperventilating over a traffic jam?

If only they were as concerned about the gridlock in the halls of Congress in Washington, D.C. as they are about the gridlock on the George Washington Bridge.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie endured a public flogging by reporters on Thursday – over the admission that his aides may have closed lanes on the George Washington Bridge to exact political retribution.

Christie announced he had fired his deputy chief of staff after the Associated Press obtained documents showing she had arranged traffic jams to punish the mayor of Fort Lee, N.J. for not endorsing his re-election campaign.

Christie said he was “embarrassed and humiliated” and profusely apologized to his constituents. He also vowed to travel to Fort Lee to apologize to the mayor in person.

“I come out here to apologize to the people of New Jersey,” he said. “I am embarrassed and humiliated.” The governor said he was also “stunned by the abject stupidity that was shown here.”

The political chattering class has already set their sights on Christie – like contestants in “Death Race 2000” targeting octogenarians in wheelchairs. They wonder whether the “scandal” might upend a potential run for the White House in 2016.

It really seems to be a bit ridiculous. I understand that the George Washington Bridge is supposed to be the busiest in the world. But have you ever tried getting across Spaghetti Junction in Atlanta or the 405 in Los Angeles?

Traffic, like politics, is local.

I am not a fan of Gov. Christie. He’s not exactly a friend of conservatives and he’s been way too chummy with his BFF President Obama. But give credit where credit is due.

Gov. Christie stood before the cameras and took his lumps like a man. He did so without the use of a TelePrompter. The buck stopped with Christie. In the Obama White House, the buck stops with his newly-bearded spokesman.

The governor seemed genuinely contrite and remorseful. He did not stand before the reporters defiantly shrieking, “What difference does it make?”

He took immediate action and fired the person responsible for the political payback.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but to my knowledge, no one has been fired for Fast & Furious, the Benghazi terrorist attack, the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal or the ObamaCare debacle. No one.

But by golly, the Mainstream Media and Democrats are getting their pound of flesh over bumper-to-bumper traffic over the Hudson River.

Todd Starnes

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