Todd Starnes

Citing the court case Morse v. Frederick, he warned that “any policy that suppresses a student’s free speech, in this case the censorship of the candy cane legend violated Isaiah’s constitutional rights unless the school district reasonably concluded that there would be material and substantial disruption of the school’s work or discipline because of the candy cane message.”

Perhaps the teacher and principal feared the sounds of students slurping their candy canes might disrupt the school’s learning environment.

Superintendent Debra Kaplan released a statement to Los Angeles-area news outlets defending the teacher’s actions.

“At the present time, we do not have any reason to believe that the teacher or any other district employee had any intention other than to maintain an appropriate degree of religious neutrality in the classroom and to communicate this to the child in an age-appropriate manner,” Kaplan stated.

It takes a special kind of evil to confiscate a six-year-old child’s Christmas gifts. In this age of tolerance and diversity, public school educators seem to be under the impression that they can bully and intimidate Christian boys and girls.

They are sorely mistaken and I’m glad the Advocates for Faith and Freedom has exposed the West Covina Unified School District’s repugnant treatment of Isaiah Martinez.

It’s a good thing he didn’t give the kids Hershey’s Kisses. The teacher would’ve probably hauled him to the office on sexual harassment charges.

Todd Starnes

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