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More than a decade ago, Abedini helped organize home churches in Iran -- where Christians are forbidden from praying in public. He was arrested in 2009 but was released after promising to stop formally organizing house churches.

Naghmeh Abedini testified before the United Nations last month - urging foreign diplomats to put pressure on the Islamic republic to free her husband.

"My husband, a U.S. citizen and loving father of our two young children, has been held in Iran's brutal Evin Prison because of his faith -- without a voice to fight for his freedom," she testified. "I must, therefore, be his voice."

Portions of her testimony were published on

Graham is calling on Americans to join a national prayer vigil on Sept. 26 - the one year anniversary of the pastor's imprisonment.

"I also encourage churches and people everywhere to join the hundreds of thousands of others who are showing solidarity with this courageous man of faith," he said.

A website has been created to organize support for Pastor Abedini at

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