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Davis said it’s unclear how many students had been scanned because all of the records have been destroyed.

Davis said he understands why parents are upset.

“I’m a father of three daughters,” he said. “I can understand their concerns. If the information had been sent out when it should have – they could have opted out.”

Regardless, he said parents have nothing to fear about the iris scans - and - he stressed - the data has been destroyed.

But parents aren’t so sure – considering the records were kept not by the school –but by a private security firm.

"It seems like they are mostly focused on this program, like the program was the problem," one parent wrote on Facebook. "It’s not, it’s the invasion of my family’s Constitutional right to privacy that is the problem."

And while the pilot program has been suspended, Davis said he’s not ruling out using iris scans in the future.

“We will always look for innovative ways to communicate with parents that will provide a level of comfort and safety for their child who rides a school bus,” he said.

Todd Starnes

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