Todd Starnes

“It’s an attack on the Christian faith,” said Bobby Nix, youth pastor at the First Baptist Church of Perry. “We’re heading towards a Godless society.”

Nix told Fox News that he understands why the school district did what they did – but he said there comes a time when people have to take a stand.

“I hope our kids will stand up – not to be ugly about it – but to stand up for their rights they have in Christ – their constitutional rights,” he told Fox News.

Parent Terri Minter told the Telegraph that she was disappointed in the superintendent.

“I cannot for the life for me understand what in the world would cause him to be afraid to stand firm to his beliefs,” she said. “Just because you have the voice of a few that don’t want it, we should not have to be afraid.”

But the FFRF’s Seidel said it doesn’t matter if just one person objects to the religious-themed song or prayers.

“It makes no difference how many students want prayer or wouldn’t be offended by prayers at their graduation ceremony,” he wrote. “The School District has a duty to remain neutral toward religion.”

Todd Starnes

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