Todd Starnes

“We will be glad to take a look at it, but we are not going to throw out the process,” he said. “These are highly intellectual, advanced classes that stretch student’s minds and often focus on debating sensitive cultural issues is not something new.”

He also disputed the notion that the single passage in a nearly 500-page book is anti-Semitic.

“I personally don’t get that perspective from reading that question in context,” he said. “I respect other people’s viewpoints and understand they might read it differently.”

Mark Freedman, executive director of the Jewish Federation, said in a statement that the district needed to remove the book.

“To create moral equivalency between specific acts of terror and legitimate territorial disputes that are political in nature serves to legitimize wanton and premeditated violence against innocent civilian victims,” wrote Jewish Federation executive director Mark Freedman in a statement. “To further allow distorted, unbalanced and prejudicial content to stand as a form of academic inquiry is a perversion of our educational system and a disservice to all the children who learn in that system.”

Todd Starnes

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