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As for Poole’s future at the university – King said he could not comment on employment matters.

“We embrace academic freedom – but that comes with responsibility and we recognize that the activity at that time was insensitive,” he said.

Sasser said university officials emphasized that Poole is an untenured professor.

“Someone at Florida Atlantic University was able to look at the issues and realize the professor had done a great offense – not only to Ryan – but to many people across the country,” Sasser said.

Rotela told Fox News he was satisfied with the university’s handling of the incident.

“It was good that they apologized and realized what they did was wrong,” he said.

He was also thankful for the outpouring of support from the nations’ Christian community.

“I have two words – thank you,” he said. “If it wasn’t for all the Christians and the open-minded people who decided to call the university – I would be sitting in a room getting punished, getting sanctioned from the school and getting expelled from the university.”

Sasser said the outcome of Rotela’s case should serve as a lesson for other Americans facing religious persecution.

“It just takes one person to stand up against this type of aggressive nonsense,” he told Fox News. “It also takes like-minded people standing together to say we are not going to tolerate this type of religious bigotry.”

“When we all stand together – we win,” Sasser added.

Todd Starnes

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