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But Jao said the college is sending a message to Christian students – they are not welcomed. “The challenge is that InterVarsity students are feeling somewhat targeted in ways that no other religious group would be,” he said. “You don’t get much more quiet than four students meeting together to study the Bible.”

And in the aftermath of last week’s decision by the college to not exempt religious groups from their nondiscrimination policy – other Christian organizations are getting nervous.

“Christian students certainly feel marginalized and unwelcome,” Jao told Fox News. “Whether it’s intended or not – that’s the message the students have received.

He said at least one other Christian group has been de-recognized. The college’s Catholic student group is also worried about the ruling.

“They want to know how it will affect Catholic students,” Jao said – fearing de-recognition. “I think they see it’s in the cards.”

“This kind of policy leaves open the door for lots of further consequences as far as expulsion and demands on ministries,” the student told Fox News.

“By and large they are saying this group of students isn’t wanted in the greater conversation on campus,” another student added.

Rollins College doesn’t want a dialogue. They don’t want to have a conversation. They want Christian groups to change their religious beliefs – or face expulsion.

This is the same type of anti-Christian intolerance we’ve seen at the University of Michigan and Vanderbilt University.

Clearly, the actions of the Rollins College diversity police were not only out of line – but they were unconstitutional. And I suspect it’s only the beginning of greater injustices.

I’m surprised they don’t make the Christian students drink from separate water fountains.

Todd Starnes

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