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Del Campo, a 23-year-old psychology major, is about to graduate. He agreed to speak to me knowing that he could face expulsion.

“I lost my dignity as a person,” he said. “They told me I couldn’t say anything and I had to keep all of this confidential.”

Del Campo said he is speaking out because he doesn’t want other conservatives to suffer through the ordeal he’s been subjected to.

“The dean told me not to fight,” he said. “He told me it wasn’t worth it – that I just have 13 weeks left at the university. But I’m going to fight this. This is wrong. This university has a problem with free speech rights and this time they met a challenger who is not backing down.” Kate Edwards, of YAF, said they are demanding that DePaul University drop all charges against Del Campo.

“His free speech rights were completely violated,” she told me. “They intimidated him. They threatened him. They placed a gag order on him.”

Edwards said the university even forbade Del Campo from contacting YAF and was not allowed to have any counsel during his tribunal.

“He couldn’t get a lawyer – he was completely intimidated,” Edwards said.

Todd Starnes

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